Featured Artists


Laura Barton

Studio 10


Visit the artist’s website at www.ltbfineart.com. Available for commissions, studio visits and prints.


Victoria Deery

Studio 11

Painter + mix media artist

View more work from Victoria Deery on her Instagram, @king.of.alexander



Mark Wilhelm 

Studio 3

Medium: Oil and Clay

Visit the artist’s website at www.dishesanddragons.com


I create ceramic vessels and oil paintings because they capture a moment of creation and freeze that moment into a shape or an image that can be used or looked at everyday for the rest of our lives.

Cindy Male 

Studio 4

Medium: Painting

Visit the artist’s website at www.cindymalenanonow.com


“I am in the business of helping individuals to become aware of and to synthesize their creative energy for life style transformation." by Cindy Male
- BA Interior DesignBA Art Education/Special Education
- MA Creativity DevelopmentMFA Fibers



C. Lynn Glander

Sculptor and Painter

Lynn is retired from corporate management and college administration, although she always really wanted to go to art school. She has enjoyed drawing and painting all of her life and finally got to take studio art class at Georgia Southern University after she retired.  She started sculpting in 2015 and fell in love with clay. She continues taking classes at GSU, Armstrong Campus, and credits Profession John Jensen for his excellent instruction.  She has also studied ceramic art with Mac McCuster, Glo Coalson, and Suzanne Longo. Lynn graduated from Northern Illinois University and completed her Masters degree at the University of South Carolina. She always took elective art classes, but now ART is her focus in life. 


Chelsea Dubick

Studio 5

Ceramic Artist


I adore color and paint and ink, but clay keeps pulling me back in with its joyous malleability. I love the process of wheel throwing and the smooth zen feeling of centering and pulling a vessel into being. The potential of clay to emote something that has grown organically and has its own life is luscious and addictive for me.


Claire Parrish

Studio 5

Ceramic Artist

Visit the artist’s website at www.claireparrishpottery.com/


Coming Soon!

Cynthia Knott

Throughout Gallery


Visit the artist’s website at  www.dcmooregallery.com/artists/cynthia-knott

I first began to concentrate on the sea after moving to Eastern Long Island in 1989. Though there is a long history of landscape and genre painting on Long Island, I quickly realized that what I wanted to paint was just the sea and not the surrounding landscape. I was most drawn to the effects of light on the water and the surrounding atmosphere. Painting on site by the sea in the tradition of “au plein air” enables me to observe nature at moments of sublime drama.

  • Part of the Permanent Collection at Ships of the Sea Museum


Sam Cole

Studio 1: Front Office

Gallery Director/Curator Photographer/Printer

Also known as Sam Williams, I have always had a love and passion for the arts, but never been able to settle on one medium although photography is where my heart is set, alternative printing allows me to be more hands on. While running Cedar House Gallery allows me to be a part of other mediums and help artist make their dreams a reality.



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